Sponsors are invited to provide funding support to advance independent research focused on the treatment and reuse of produced water generated by the oil and gas industry. Independent research efforts include areas such as characterization of produced water quality, evaluation of treatment efficiencies, and analysis of the benefits and potential risks associated with potential reuse.


Sponsorships are encouraged to span a commitment of 3-5 years. This multi-year commitment will ensure a robust independent research effort required to effectively address scientific and technical knowledge gaps necessary to establish regulations and policies for the treatment of produced water. Pooled Sponsor funding will be used to support the operational and research needs of the Consortium.



  • Investment in research can potentially affect produced water regulations and policy in a beneficial way.

  • Lessen dependency on deep good injection and problems associated with that means of disposal.

  • Promote environmentally sustainable solutions for treating produced water resulting in enhanced water supplies in water-stressed areas of the nation.

  • Positive exposure of your company to the public, academia, government agencies.

  • Automatic annual membership on the Membership Committee.



Sponsorship levels noted below are reflective of cumulative (calculated annually) financial commitment to the Consortium as follows:

  • Platinum Sponsor $2 million

  • Gold Sponsor $1 million

  • Silver Sponsor $500,000

  • Bronze Sponsor $250,000

  • Affiliate Sponsor $50,000

Financial commitments for Sponsorship include financial support and may also include any other resource specifically receiving approval as Sponsor support by the Board (e.g. in-kind resources such as vehicles and laboratory equipment).