Become a Member

NMSU invites membership into the New Mexico Produced Water Consortium to ensure broad and diverse viewpoints. Membership status is established upon signature by both parties on the NMPWRC Membership Agreement and payment of the applicable membership fee. NMSU reserves discretion whether to accept a party as a member to ensure the integrity of the Consortium mission according to established Consortium practices

Membership Agreement



  • Potential of a member license in any NMSU invention resulting from Consortium activities.

  • Potential to acquire a Limited Exclusive License (royalty-bearing license) in any NMSU Invention resulting from Consortium activities.

  • Participation in the Membership Committee which advises the Program Director on research roadmap priorities, including current research and technology gaps and emerging health and safety issues, opportunities for collaborative demonstration sites, environmental and regulatory considerations, and other relevant issues that impact the work of the Consortium.

  • Data, improved methods, and know-how, or discoveries that may result from the Consortium.

  • Further University’s research and instructional objectives.



Annual membership dues are established as follows:

  • Corporate Member $500
  • Academic Institutional Member $500
  • Non-governmental Organization Member $500

The annual period for paying membership is based on the calendar (January 1 – December 31), and is the same for each member. The Consortium Program Director is responsible to ensure the timely payment of membership dues, as authorization to undertake work within the Consortium is dependent on their collection. Each member must pay their dues annually as a lump sum. The Consortium Program Director has sole discretion to waive the annual membership fee(s) based on dual participation as a member and a sponsor. Annual membership dues and pooled sponsorship funding will be deposited into a pooled (termed “public service”) account at NMSU. This prime account will serve as a “holding” account for membership dues and sponsorship funds. Membership dues and pooled sponsorship funds will be utilized for research projects, the Consortium’s administrative budget, and future encumbrances (e.g., planned procurement of large-scale instrumentation for the benefit of Consortium-funded projects, etc.).




Membership dues shall be made payable to "New Mexico State University" with reference to the NMPWRC membership and mailed to: 

Attn: Monica Dunivan 
Produced Water Research Consortium 
PO Box 30001 
New Mexico State University 
Las Cruces, NM 88003