Government Advisory Board

10.2021.pngThe Government Advisory Board is composed of state and federal environmental and natural resource management agencies and is led and coordinated by the NMED and their personnel with the support of the Consortium Program and Research Directors Team. Each year, the Board will report its findings to New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) and NMSU leadership. The Board will be comprised of one senior-level representative from each of the following.



  • New Mexico State University

  • NM Environment Department

  • NM Energy Minerals and Natural Resources

  • NM Department of Agriculture

  • NM Water Resources Research Institute

  • NM Office of the State Engineer

  • Federal Agencies (DOE, EPA, BLM,USGS, etc.)

  • NM State Land Office

  • NM Department of Health

  • NM Indian Affairs Department

  • NM Economic Development Department

  • NM Department of Game and Fish

  • Other state representatives (TBD)