The NM-PWRC research program consists of a portfolio of independent research projects evaluated and approved by the TSC with the intent of fast-tracking treatment technology research and technology development that can:

  • Accelerate the implementation and acceptance of policies and regulations for the use of treated produced water in New Mexico;
  • Support policies and regulations that protect the environment and human health;
  • Evaluate impact and potential risks associated with produced water reuse; and
  • Serve as a model for the U.S.

Funded Core research projects are intended to be independent, and are subject to compliance with terms outlined in the Membership Agreement and the directions identified by the TSC and Board.  Research projects consist of Core projects and Enhancement projects. Core projects are funded from pooled membership dues paid by NM-PWRC members and pooled Sponsor funds. The TSC is responsible for selecting Core projects based on research roadmap priorities recommended by the Council. Enhancement projects are funded through additional financial means (but not membership dues or Sponsor pooled funding), specifically to enhance or accelerate a currently-funded Core project. In order to be included into the NM-PWRC, an Enhancement project must contribute to the knowledge development of the NM-PWRC and is subject to advance approval by the Program Director and the Board.

The NW-PWRC has an interest in ensuring that faculty participants in the NM-PWRC obtain recognition from their Deans and Department Heads for NM-PWRC-related research, public service and/or instructional activities. Consequently, each Core project proposal awarded by the NM-PWRC – and any resulting award or applicable rejection is subject to normal University procedures for processing that submission.