Scientific Integrity

The New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium (NMPWRC) has been designed to ensure independent scientific integrity of research being conducted.  The NMPWRC focuses specifically on conducting scientifically-based research to support and foster long-term environmental sustainability.  The establishment of an independent Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is one example of our commitment to scientific integrity of the research being conducted.  The TSC builds on a recognized model developed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to promote the progress of science to advance the national health; prosperity, and welfare.

The NMPWRC is focused on:

  • Addressing the science and technology needs required to enable the use of treated produced water “outside” of the oil and gas industry sector such as potential application for range-land rehabilitation, other agricultural uses, industrial, ecological, commercial, and municipal applications;
  • Identifying and defining “fit-for-purpose” treatment, application rate, constituent levels, and monitoring required to ensure protection of safety of human healthy, the ecology, and the environment for the use of treated produced water; and
  • Assessing and identifying science-based policies and regulations that encourage the re-use and treatment of produced water, and reduce the use of fresh water by the oil and gas industry while being protective of human health and environment.